4. Referral Mechanism

4.1 Rules

  • Each user can generate a referral link;

  • To join mining, a user needs be using a referral link to land on the website.

  • Users can establish a referral relationship at any time after they are logged in.

  • Each established Referral Relationship provides a 'Booster' to the mining profits, which is valid for all pools.

  • The user's 'Booster' will start to be calculated as soon as any staking is carried out. The weight of users participating in the referral mechanism will increase towards higher mining profits.

4.2 Calculation for Referral Relationships Bonuses

  • Once a referee staked in a pool, 5% of the referee's staking weight will be added to the referrer's staking weight. And for the referee, his or her staking weight enjoys an extra 10% multiplier. Here, 'staking weight' means the user's original share in the pool.

  • If a user stakes in multiple pools, the user's Referral Relationship bonuses will apply to every pool.

  • Each user can only be invited once, while one user can refer as many users as he or she wants. When there is already an existing Referral Relationship, another Referral Relationship will be considered invalid and will not be count towards the bonus.

  • Bonus Cancellation

    • When a user's Total Staked decreases, which usually means to redeem tokens, the user's Referral Relationship bonus in this pool becomes invalid.

    • When a user has staked in multiple pools, his or her Referral Relationship bonuses apply to every single pool. When he or she redeems from one of these pools, the bonus is only removed from that one pool. His or her stakes in other pools will remain affected.

4.3 Procedures

  • User A generates a referral link and sends it to a community or User B.

  • User B clinks the link and authorizes to connect a wallet. Once a wallet is connected, the system recognizes the Referral Relationship from User A to User B as established, which both sides can view in the wallet.

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