Introduction to DAO Governance Committee

Voting platform:


Voting rules:

  • Voting token: SHD-ETH LP (Ethereum), the number of tokens represents the number of votes;

  • After the proposal is passed, the development team will send a Timelock transaction, which will take effect 24 hours later.

Governance Range:

Parameter modification, product optimization and modification;

Governance Committee members and responsibilities:

The members of the governance committee have the right to propose and Timelock multi-signature rights;

Note: The current priority is to develop the community, and the election of governance committee members will be conducted from the community in the future.

Governance process:

  • The governance committee creates a proposal (create page;

  • The proposal will then enter the voting window, and any user holding SHD-ETH LP can participate in the voting;

  • After the proposal is passed, the governance committee initiates a Timelock transaction to execute the content of the proposal, which will take effect 24 hours after the transaction is completed.

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